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Carl's Trip to Taiwan . . .

Taiwan Grand Rides 2013
Carl's Article about the Grand Riders Trip to Taiwan 2013



Our Harley chapter was approached by Peter Starr, an author and motorcycle filmmaker. He wanted to recruit a few more 62 and older riders to join him on a two week organized ride through Taiwan. He had done this ride last year. It was a great opportunity to tour an Asian country with everything planned and paid for at a very reasonable price. All I needed to pack were my cloths and a helmet.

My long time riding buddy Ralph, was at the meeting, so we both signed up for the ride the next day. It was nice to have a good buddy going with me, all though we quickly bonded with the other guys that signed up.

After we landed in Taiwan, we all boarded a bullet train and traveled at 180 MPH to the South end of the island. We got on our bus that carried all of our luggage and transported us all whenever we werenít on our bikes for the rest of the trip. The following day we picked up our Harleys a dealership for the ride.

A government program dedicated to promoting senior activity sponsored the first few days of our trip. Their goal was to entice retired people from Hong Kong to move there and live. The program was well promoted and manned, and there was even a little television coverage. We made a couple of stops per day, usually for a meal. We were always the guests of honor and treated as royalty at each stop. We would always be introduced to the town officials and entertained by performances.

For the next week, we were escorted my local Harley riders to restaurant, hotels and the best touring sights there. We took in the sights, temples and culture of the land. There were about 3 scooters to every car on the road. There was a special lane just for scooters. People would wear a dust mask to breath clean air, but didnít bother wearing glasses to protect their eyes. There was no road rage even though everyone cut you off if there was a foot

or two between you and the next vehicle. You would expect to see a lot of accidents, but you donít.

Most of the time we stayed in great hotels, but got an occasional surprise. One night we stayed in a hotel that was usually rented out by the hour, if you get my drift. The amenities included some very strange items and features.

We sampled all of the local queseens. I tried everything that was offered to me, even if I couldnít identify exactly what it was. I was never disappointed.

We rode all of the different terrains, 10,000 foot mountain passes, through cities, farmland and the lovely coast for a half of a day. At times the conditions were down right dangerous and scary.

On the last day of riding, we ended at the Bikertopia celebration. This is the largest gathering of bikers in Taiwan. There were vender, exhibits and of course hundreds of bikes and bikers. We were again the guests of honor at the sit down 7-course dinner for about 300 people. The entertainment was 4 different groups playing their music. All though I couldnít understand the lyrics, the music and performances were great.

I wore my Harley chapter vest with all the patches I had collected over the years from all of the biker events I have been to. When I pointed out a patch and named were it was from, the bikers went crazy. I mentioned Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week, Laconia, Myrtle Beach, and Laughlin. I have a patch from every major riding event in the United States on that vest. They took pictures of my vest. One guy took a dozen pictures. The next day he told me I was a hit on the Internet and now an icon around there.

This trip was such a magnificent adventure and pleasure. My wife Rosa always encourages and insists that I go on these rides. One couldnít ask for a more supportive wife.

Sincerely, Carl


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Bullet Train Ride

3 Scooters to each car

Beautiful Building



Buddy Ralph and I

Grand Rides Group

Lunch Gathering . . .




Massage Provided

Taiwan Flag

Ralph & I with new Friend




Mountain View over the Lake

L.A. # 1 Riding Buddy Ralph



Final Grand Rider Celebration

Our Stage View - 575 people

Drinks and Pizza at a Friends Place




Parking at Pottery Factory

Hotel on the way




Underground Tiffany Art

Roadside View

Fish Market


Bikertopia Festival Welcome

Biker Dinner Stage

Artist Duck Presentation

Roadside View

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