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Carl's Article about the " STURGIS RIDE "  - August 2011


  I had been sitting around without going on a major ride in two months. My friend John was taking his wife and riding to Sturgis with an other couple. His wife was going to fly  back and the other couple were going on so he was going to ride back alone. So I offered to ride up alone and ride back with him.

All though my wife Rosa doesn't like me riding alone, she reluctantly gave me her blessing. I packed my gear up and I was off on a 3,400 mile journey.

The first leg was to Flagstaff AZ. Not much to report on except, after I got there, I found a DDD, (Diners Drive-inns and Dives) restaurant. I am always excited to eat at a place that was featured on that show. This one was a Mexican place. It wasn't very special, but then again every one can't be the best.

The first half of the second day way uneventful on HWY 40 to Albuquerque, NM where I found an number of DDD places to eat at. I had seen one of them on TV just a couple of day before I left, so I ate at the Standard Dinner. It was anything but standard. I tried there featured Bourbon Butter Burger. It was a cut above and very good. I got my map out and asked my waiter for directions. He introduced me to the own, who showed me some great back road to through the mountains to get to Taos, NM. I got mixed up a couple of time but did make it there.

The third day was the beauty day. The morning was spent riding through the Colorado mountains. I tell you this is beautiful country. I found that there is one DDD in Denver. So I had lunch at Steuben's. I had seen this one a few days before as well. They fly in lobster from Main almost every day, so I had to try the Lobster Roll. It was fantastic.

I continued up north and stayed in Torrington, WY.

The next day was a short ride to Sturgis. I was there by noon and went into town to get my patches and shirt to commemorate the ride.

The next morning, after John had dropped his wife off at the airport, we took off on HWY 90 to Copy, WY. It was supposed to be an uneventful day. We stopped in Gillette for lunch a hundred down the road. John checked his phone for messages and discovered that he had left his business computer in the room back in Sturgis. He didn't trust them to ship it, so we parted ways, he went back and I continued on. I arrived in Cody at 4:30, had dinner and waited for John. He arrived 3 hours later. We stayed at Irma's. It is a bar, restaurant, hotel that was the home of Buffalo Bill. It is a very neat place with the most beautiful bar given to Bill by Queen Victoria.

Saturday was the day that John and I were waiting for. It started by riding 50 miles up the road to cut across to Bear Tooth Pass. This is the most impressive hour of riding that I have found in my 250,000 of touring. The pictures I have posted don't really do it justice. The rest of the day was spent riding through Yellowstone Park. If you have been there, I don't have to say anything. If you haven't, there is nothing I can say.

Later, we pulled up to the Bull Mouse Inn in Alpine, WY for the night. Another favorite of Johns. It is a bar, restaurant and hotel. It is nice when one place has it all.

The next day we took as many back roads as possible, but eventually ended up on the 15 heading home.

We left St. George UT early and the last 435 miles were over at 11:20 Monday morning.

sincerely, Carl

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Rio Grande River

Colorado Road

First clouds show of . . .




South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota




Entering The Black Hills





Main St. Down Town Sturgis

One-Eyed Jack, 36 Bars in One




Wyoming Road

Buffalo Bills Home, Cody, WY




The Best Road in America, MO

Top of The 11,000 FT. Pass

Beartooth Pass




More of the Pass

More of the Pass

More Pass




Yellowstone Park

Buffalo in the Park







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