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Carl's Article about the Milwaukee, Route 66 Ride - Sept 2011



This ride was just my friend Tony Colston and myself. He flies over from England once or twice a years for a ride or two. We were going to ride home from Alaska, but that didn't work our. So we decided to go to Milwaukee for the Harley Rally and then we were going to ride to Chicago and take route 66 back to California.

My flight arrived first in Milwaukee, so I went over to the shipping location and got both of our bike out before they closed for the day. Tony's flight got in and we headed to our hotel in downtown.

The next morning we went over for a tour of the Harley Davidson Museum. It took several years to build, but it was really worth the wait. The tour covered every thing you could ever want to know or see about Harley Davidson Motorcycles. The pictures start with the museum.  We ate at the very nice restaurant there. We visited the local HD shop to get our required t-shirts.

The next morning we were back at the Museum to go on the Power Plant Tour. This is were the engines are made for all 24 models of the air-cooled bikes. They wouldn't allow pictures, but they gave us a group picture, and a number of momentous.

For lunch we went to the first of our Diner, Drive-inns and Dives, (DDD). These are places from that TV show and most all of them have great food. This was Tony's first DDD. Later that night we went to a second DDD location, Cempazuchi, which served Mexican food.

The next morning we rode our bikes down the 94 to Chicago. From there we continued on the 55 and stopped in Springfield, IL for the night. Along the way, we stopped at different places to visit on Route 66. It seems you ride on the main highway for a while and then you will see a brown historic 66 sign at an off ramp. You pull off and visit the sights and eventually end up back on the main highway.

Saturday we continued on and stopped for lunch St. Louis, where we ate at Iron Barley, another DDD. This was another great place. We continued making our stops and taking pictures and stopped for the day in Springfield again, but this time in Missouri. We covered about 300 miles for the day.

Sunday morning the weather wasn't looking too good. After an hour it started to rain, so we stopped under a road overpass and put our rain gear on. It rained for a couple of hours, but not all that hard. We stopped at the Rock Cafe on Route 66 for lunch. It was a DDD location. By now Tony was a believer in finding DDD places to eat at. We spent the rest of the day covering some miles. We did 450 for the day and stayed in Stroud, OK.

Monday we were back on the road, checking out points of interest. We stopped at a place called the MidPoint Cafe. They have a great sign saying 1139 miles left to Los Angeles and 1139 miles to the right to Chicago. I have a good picture of that. After 350 miles, we found ourselves in Santa Fe, NM and ate at Harry's Road House, another DDD. It was another good one.

Tuesday there weren't many points of interest left, but we pulled into Winslow, AZ. I had to have a picture of me "Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizon". Some of these stops have entire stores dedicated to Route 66 memorabilia. You can get just about anything you want with Route 66 on it. We finished our 400 mile day in Flagstaff. We found our last DDD for the trip, Brandy's Restaurant. It was another great meal.

Wednsday was our last day. We road to Kingman where Tony headed north to Las Vegas to meet up with his wife who had been riding horsed with two other gal friends for the same time Tony and I had been on the road. I road on home, back to Rosa and our pets.

This is another great ride. I am so fortunate to have such an understanding wife that encourages me to ride.



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Favored by Hollywood Stars







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