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Carl's Article about the East Cost Bike Ride - October 2012



October 12th I flew from Los Angeles to Boston. I had pre-shipped my bike the week before. I wanted to spend my vacation time seeing the eastern seaboard, not getting there and back. My other hard-core riding buddies give me a hard time for not riding both ways. But the deal is that you donít need to cross the nation on the I 10, I 40, I 50 or I 70 that many times. And I have done them all.

  After picking up my bike, I met with my England friends Tony and Steph for dinner. They were in Boston on the last day of a two-week vacation before flying home. He and I had done the 3 Flags Run a month before.

  The first week of this ride was going to be done solo. The next morning, I got up and headed north to Concord, NH. I wanted to see the changing of the seasons with the turning of the leaves. I was expecting 70 degree weather, but I was lucky enough to hit the first day of frost. At 8 am it was 30 degrees.

  I may have been a couple weeks early, but it really was beautiful. The problem was that by noon it had only warmed up to 40 degrees. I had trouble enjoying the rest of the day because my core temperature had dropped so much. Buy the time I stopped for the day, all I wanted was my first hot bath in 30 years. Twenty minutes later, I was cured. Two days later, I discovered that I had packed long underwear. I sure wish I had remembered that earlier.

  Rosa and I have a friend, Marci, that lives in Philli. I hadnít seen her since my New York ride 8 years ago. We had planned this visit for a full year. At 10:00 that morning, I called to tell her I would be there in an hour. She wasnít home and I couldnít reach her on her cell. So I left a message and continued on down the road. Later that afternoon, I received a text with a picture of her new born boy. She was delivering her second child 15 minutes before I called her. I guess that is an acceptable excuse. We were both very disappointed.

  After a two-hour ride the next morning, I got to my first Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. I hope you have seen the show on the Food channel. The hoist, Guy, finds great little Mom and Pop eateries across the country.  I had a great breakfast at The Ritz Cafť in Livingston, NJ.

  I continued south and ended the day in Falls Church, VA, where I had dinner at La Caraquena, a Latin American Cuisine DDD. Itís always a good idea to have the dish featured on the show, and this was no acception.

  The next morning, I headed south on the 95. I had breakfast at Dotís Back Inn, another DDD in Richmond VI. I meet two ladies that told me I should take the Outer Banks on the I 64. It sounded fantastic, so I got on the 64 heading west, because as everyone knows, the ocean is always west. That is unless you are on the east coast. It took me an hour to figure out my mistake. By the time I got back to my starting point, it was too late to ride the Outer Banks, so I had to just continue south on the 95. I pulled into Fayetteville, NC that evening. There were no DDDís in town.

  The next day I made it to Savanna GA. Again no DDDís, but I found the best restaurants to eat at, Love Seafood. This place was used to film a scene in the movie Forest Gump. They used the money they were paid to build the restaurant up and it worked out terrific. That was one great meal.

  I finally arrived in Daytona Beach, FL for Biketoberfest. I have never been able to go to Bike Week because it takes place in the tax season. This town is the only major rally that I have never been to. It was great. I got my souvenir patch and tee shirt, and headed across Florida to the Tampa area to visit another old friend that had moved from Torrance 10 years before. Over the next day and a half we hit two more DDDís and a lot of bars. It was great to see Jan again.

  I cut back across Florida and down to Key West, where I met up again with my friends from my stay in Daytona. We spent a few days enjoying the Fantasy Fest. Each night there would be a themed parade down the main street of town. The first night it was goulash costumed people riding on their bicycles. The next night was my favorite, naked people with body paint parading down the street. This continued for 5 nights, each with a different theme. They start at 8, and donít stop until 4 in the morning. I was never able to make it past 9 PM. Who know what is going on at 3 AM. I wish I were younger.

  I saw some beautiful country, had some fantastic meals and a great time with a number of friends. I got my total DDD count to 42 locations in 12 states. I will keep you posted.

  In the news, there was talk of this storm called Sandy. It was supposed to fissile out at sea, but two days after I flew home from Miami, the hurricane Sandy hit the east coast.

  Please enjoy the pictures I took.

Sincerely, Carl

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Southern Most Point

Sloppy Joes Bar

New Friends from Florida




30 Degree Frost

Changing Leaves

More Leaves





Streets of Daytona

Original Daytona HD Dealership




Daytona Beach, Fl

Cool Bike on the Street

Broken Spoke, I have been to all 3, Sturgis,
Laconia and now Daytona




Says it All

Jan and I

Same Bar, 180 Degree View




Southern Most Point in The USA

Others on the Ride

A Must Stop













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